A Roadmap for H1 2022

5 min readMar 2, 2022


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Hello There 👋

Greetings from our team and wishing you all a happy 2022! There have been a lot of updates since we released our roadmap last September. We’ve transitioned from a crypto alpha curation platform to a Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, enabling dApp developers to offload capital management so they can focus on building their product’s core functionality. With this shift, our plans for BUIDLing Exponent have also been updated.

Therefore, we’d like to introduce our roadmap for the first half of 2022, covering what we’ve accomplished so far this year and our plans until the end of Q2 2022.

A Quick Recap of 2021 📆

2021 has been a great foundational year for us. We formed our team, hit the ground running, and managed to accomplish our intended milestones as listed in the roadmap. Some highlights include releasing our litepaper, getting our contracts audited, a testnet Alpha Release, followed by a mainnet Beta Release at the end of the year. Now, onto 2022! 🎉🎉🎉

What We’ve Done ✅


  • 100 WETH TVL
  • Beta tester POAPs
  • Aave integration
  • Strategist rebalancing dashboard
  • Bug fixes
  • Finalized token and staking contract development
  • Bug bounty program
  • Product-market validation
  • E2 Asset Management Summit
  • Newsletter release
  • New team member

Even though we’re only two months into 2022, we’ve managed to accomplish quite a lot already. Our Beta Release managed to reach 100 WETH TVL organically and our supporters were rewarded with POAPs.

Product & Engineering 🛠

We completed the development of our token and staking contracts and have sent them for audit. We’ve also completed Aave integration, allowing our vaults to utilize strategies that require Aave. A rebalancing dashboard that simplifies portfolio rebalancing has also been implemented. Additionally, minor bug fixes to our dApp have been implemented, thanks to feedback from our community. You can read more about the fixes here.

Lastly, we launched our Bug Bounty program in collaboration with ImmuneFi in January. So far, no critical bugs have been found in our smart contracts and client application 💪

Business 🧳

Our business team dove into an exploration of DAOs’ existing pains in managing their treasury. We believe that it’s important to understand the current market and product offerings and map out existing pain points so that our products receive market validation. This is an ongoing process and we’ve had productive conversations with a wide variety of protocols, some of whom we plan on partnering with.

Exa, our chief technical fox, also hosted a session on the Web 3.0 Capital Stack at Enzyme’s E2 Asset Management Summit, Be sure to check it out 🤓

We also launched our newsletter, The Fennec, which will provide development updates within Exponent as well as thought pieces on the DeFi capital management landscape.

Lastly, please meet Viv, our new UX/UI designer. With her joining the pack, we now have a full agile product-engineering team.

What We’re Currently Doing ⚙️


  • Contract audits
  • Enzyme Sulu POC
  • DeFi treasury strategy development
  • Prototype vault for Gnosis
  • Rebranding
  • Lead generation
  • DeFi analyst hiring

Product & Engineering 🛠

In our current sprint, we are building the foundation for systematic DAO treasury management. We’re integrating with the new Enzyme Sulu architecture and creating our Vault V2 POC. This new iteration will allow for deposits, trades, and withdrawals in preparation for our first treasury DeFi strategy. So far, we have been successful in our POC integration with the Sulu release.

On the smart contract side, our staking and token contracts are currently being audited. The report will be available in our docs very soon.

Our team is currently developing stable coin yield strategies in order to help grow working capital. This strategy will be implemented in our prototype vault, which will be integrated with Gnosis Safe, to enable treasuries to directly deposit their capital into our vaults on the platform. We will first be testing this end-to-end flow ourselves, before opening this up to other projects and DAOs to try.

Business 🧳

Having spent the first couple of months this year validating our CaaS thesis, we are confident in the direction we’re heading in. Our business team will be focused on rebranding and redesigning our content, docs, and website. We will also be reaching out to various projects to take in early interest once our MVP vault goes live.

We’re also ramping up strategy development for new vaults with different objectives and risk parameters and are looking for DeFi Analysts to help us develop these strategies. If you are a DeFi native with an interest in research and strategy development, you can learn more about the role and apply here.

What’s Down the Road 🛣


  • Options protocol integration
  • Polygon Mainnet Sulu Integration
  • Uniswap V3 integration
  • Gnosis Multi SAFE support
  • DAO Dashboard (Treasury Management, DAO transactions)
  • Risk surfacing and alerting system (Notifications)

In our upcoming sprints, we plan to deploy our very own treasury into our vault to test our product ourselves. We expect to integrate with Enzyme’s Sulu Release on the Polygon mainnet, provide Gnosis SAFE support, and create a DAO Dashboard for a helpful and informative user experience.

On the treasury strategy side, the strategy team is exploring options protocols and Uniswap V3 positions to develop new strategies. We’ll also be creating risk surfacing and alerting systems to support the vault manager and aid in DAO decision-making.

Wrapping it up 🎁

We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening, and we’re stoked! We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback.

P.S. If you’re a current Ex-ETH HODLer, keep an eye out for surprises coming your way 😉 WAGMI

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Exponent is a decentralized Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) protocol enabling Web3 organizations to grow, monitor, and manage the risks of their idle crypto capital