Announcing our Partnership with Credmark

2 min readApr 27, 2022


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About Credmark

Credmark is a decentralized financial modeling platform powered by on-chain state and ledger data that brings together model creators, validators, data consumers, and protocol governors. The community collaborates on governance, research, and modeling to create a platform that offers analysis tools, composable validated models, and risk visualizations to help expedite and simplify dApp development.

Learn more about Credmark here.

About Exponent

Exponent is a decentralized Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) protocol that enables Web3 organizations and DAOs to grow, monitor, and manage the risks of their idle crypto capital. The protocol consists of three core components:

  • A bespoke non-custodial vault
  • Automated capital allocation and yield optimization strategies
  • A suite of risk monitoring and alerting infrastructure

How We’re Working Together

Over the past month, Exponent and Credmark have been working closely to co-create one of the first crypto-native treasury management solutions with a comprehensive automated risk management infrastructure. Exponent’s focus is to deploy the vault infrastructure that has been built on top of Enzyme Finance and Gnosis Safe, as well as the underlying capital management strategies. Credmark offers expertise in risk identification and tracking built on the CredMark risk framework and platform. Together, we co-created a comprehensive risk surfacing and monitoring system for each Exponent strategy.

This will ultimately enable Web3 organizations to deploy their treasury capital productively, through thoughtful and bespoke strategies, without giving away control of their multisig.

Why Work Together?

Advancements in crypto native treasury risk management practices are ongoing. By pairing Exponent’s CaaS with Credmark’s risk models, Web3 organizations can clearly understand their risk-adjusted returns associated with each treasury management strategy and take DeFi positions without exposure to unnecessary risks.

Our partnership with Credmark is the first step in making this possible. Future collaboration between Exponent and CredMark will further expand Exponent’s strategy suite and CredMark’s risk framework applications, propelling the conversation around treasury risk management standards and best practices forward across the Web3 ecosystem.

To stay on top of product development and releases,

If you are interested in partnering, contributing to development, or becoming an early user of Exponent CaaS we would love to hear from you.




Exponent is a decentralized Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) protocol enabling Web3 organizations to grow, monitor, and manage the risks of their idle crypto capital