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3 min readMar 30, 2022


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As Web3 adoption grows, DAOs have grown from periphery figures to serious players in the space. According to DeepDAO, they hold over $10 billion worth of treasury assets, and have over 1.8 million governance token holders, with nearly 550,000 active voters/proposal makers. They’ve become a prominent voice in the crypto ecosystem whose influence will keep growing along with their treasuries.

One of the great things about Web3 is that even as it evolves and introduces what would normally be a complicated concept such as DAOs, the community will always provide ways to streamline processes to make it digestible. It’s this very reason we’ve seen incredible proliferation in the DAO tooling space— with many DAOs leveraging tools to help automate formation, control, and management. These tools can be deployed for use in aspects such as infrastructure, treasury management, governance, and voting to name a few.

The expanding number of DeFi protocols and dApps have seen the adjacent rise of ‘as-a-service’ solutions to help accelerate the ecosystem’s growth. The only area where this hasn’t been the case is with ‘Capital-as-a-Service’ (CaaS).

The abundance of opportunity within DeFi makes it an enticing avenue for teams looking to manage and grow their treasuries. However, it also makes identifying long-tail, profitable endeavours a huge investment of time and consistent strategy pivots that most teams can’t commit to — even if they have the knowledge to do so effectively. This makes treasury management within DeFi a risky and resource-intensive function.

As DAOs mature and accumulate cash flows, it becomes paramount for these teams to manage their capital efficiently. Efficient treasury management is no mean feat, however — they require planning, coordination, operation and of course, effective execution.

This is where Exponent can be a game-changer.

Why Choose Exponent as your CaaS Provider?

Target 8–12% APY

Dynamic APY adjustments across DeFi protocols to optimize yields. If yield falls below the required threshold, the vault automatically rebalances to the next opportunity.

Full Visibility

Monitor your assets and transactions including trades, yields, and the underlying execution and optimization strategies. Real-time notifications and alerts are sent directly to you and your team.

Hands-free and Hassle-free

Exponent operates under the hood to manage asset rebalances, harvest yield, assess risk, and source DeFi opportunities. Our integration with Gnosis Safe allows you and your team to manage your funds directly from your multisig.

Safe and Trustless

All your assets are held in an audited smart contract with guard rails, investment policies, and insurance baked in. Exponent is built on top of Enzyme Finance’s battle-tested architecture and our contracts have been audited by Quantstamp.

Maximum Control

Our vault contract is set up so you can have full control of the vault, if you choose to do so. But by default, we will help you keep it on cruise control.


The Exponent team keeps a watchful eye over all relevant DeFi risks so you don’t have to. This includes liquidity and smart contract compostability risks. We observe all relevant metrics — from a lending pool’s LTV to contract governance and sentiment signals.

Your CFO Friend

Exponent ensures a white glove experience, from onboarding and understanding your budget and liquidity requirements, to consulting with you on treasury solutions.

Want to learn more about how to manage your treasury effectively?

Visit our Website: https://exponent.cx/, or

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Exponent is a decentralized Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) protocol enabling Web3 organizations to grow, monitor, and manage the risks of their idle crypto capital